Friday, April 16, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The volcano in Iceland will not be the only explosion this weekend, I predict. DO NOT PICK UP THE DEBRIS! Right wing brains, such as they are, are toxic!
2) So Obama cancels a modest plan to re-visit the moon...which to me holds far more immediate benefits to affirm the commitment to visit Mars this century. Interesting. While the moon is lifeless, so far as we know (Mars is more doubtful than not), it holds vast quantities of minerals from asteroid impacts, comets, and even from its formation as a piece of the earth and the planet that collided with us billions of years ago. Mining operations could be set up on the Moon almost immediately, robotic mining tools that would then fling materials into a stable orbit around the earth for, say, a retired shuttle to pick up and bring back to earth. Undoubtedly, this is part of the private operations that are being planned. The government ought to be up in the front of the pack and ahead of the curve on this, rather than tailing behind, making sure there's sufficient oversight. Cuz. You know...Republicans.
3) Home-grown terrorism is not limited to the Teabaggers.
4) Think the Teabaggers are really popular and have the backs of the people? Think different.
5) Today is National Stress Awareness Day? Today? WHAT!? Why was I not informed in triplicate and a copy sent to my cat!? Why am I ALWAYS the last to know????
6) By the way, today is also National Health Care Decisions Day. Help the one you love kick the bucket. But don't get too stressed about it.
7) Wow, there really IS a reason why every iPhone ad shows the time "9:42"...
9) I wonder what she did to deserve a two-year nationwide ban? Judging from the picture, I suspect she may have a problem keeping her clothes on. I must examine this case carefully.
10) Errrrrrrrrrrrrr, ummmmmmmmmm...not sure how to introduce