Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Speaking Truth To Power(less)

Points to Obama for engaging the Republican Senate caucus.
Megapoints from the GOPudwhustles for missing the point.

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s luncheon Tuesday with Senate Republicans was not televised like a similar session earlier this year with the House opposition, but evidently it would have made for captivating theater.

By nearly all accounts, pent-up frustrations boiled over as the president and the very lawmakers who have consistently opposed much of his agenda engaged in spirited and at times confrontational exchanges over immigration, spending, White House tactics and other issues during a private 75-minute session.

In particular, note this bit of idiocy from Bob "Put A" Corker "In It".

And Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee suggested that the administration had been less than sincere in trying to seek a bipartisan deal on the financial regulatory overhaul, which was passed last week with just four Republican votes.

“To come in on the Tuesday after it all occurred and to now talk about seven or eight items he wants to do in a bipartisan way, I just asked him how he could reconcile that duplicity,” Mr. Corker said. “I was very aware that we were props today as we move into an election cycle.”

I may be wrong, but it's incumbent upon the minority party, the loyal opposition as it were, to force compromise that can be accepted. Clearly, the Democrats have postured a little, but at the end of the day, if the Republicans want their voices heard, it's up to them to speak intelligibly.
The Democrats, Obama in particular, have signaled time and time again a willingness to roll up sleeves and work with the Party of No. For the Nyetskis to whine now that they aren't being heard, dammit! is not only silly, but a measure of payback for the ridiculous attitude they and their leadership took in the six years they held both the Congress and White House hostage while screwing the nation over and over again.
The hubris necessary now to complain about being shackled...and there's an ugly monumental.
Look, you want to sit on the sidelines and hope you can gain a few seats in Congress is a fine election strategy that will allow you to gain momentum and force a gradual evolution of control. I have no problem with that. The problem I have is, this nation is in a crisis, and as bad as most of the idiotic proposals you've put forth-- greed masquerading as policy, and solutions that offer no relief-- are not helping. If there was ever a time for forceful, vigorous debate in Congress over realistic and comprehensive solutions that not only correct past abuses and problems but address prevention, that time is now.
So shut up, man up, nut up, and play ball.