Friday, June 04, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) America is a great nation. I think it is still the greatest nation on the planet, but not by as big a margin as it was in 2000. I don't know if that's the fault of the previous administration, but they sure didn't help and their partisans are still holding us back. We can be greater. We must not fear change. We must not fear progress. America has only been great when it has moved forward, when it has become more inclusive. There is an element in this nation that would turn the clock back, that would deprive, that would recurse.
They are wrong. We cannot compete by going back. We must move forward.
2) This. Moar, plz? After eight years of people dodging and stonewalling responsibility, first Obama and then a lowly umpire making the Worst. Call. Evah! have owned up to their mistakes. This is a teachable moment, as they say. In a nation filled with people who deny and obfuscate their support of really terrible ideas, and really terrible people, it's about time someone stepped up and told the truth.
3) Speaking of bad ideas...
4) It looks like the best political races...if you read "best" as funniest...will once again be from California. There's something about super-rich candidates who don't ever get no for an answer being told "no!" over and over again that brings out the "best" in people.
5) By the way, as I typed this, the Top Cap was installed in the Gulf. Looks like it will contain most of the leak, but what about the rest?
6) Here we go again.
7) Add Hungary to the list of European nations on the brink. This is not good, folks. World wars have started for less. Keep in mind that Hungary has a large middle class, low taxes and an austerity budget. In other words, conservative heaven. Which means it has had to borrow to provide even basic services.
8) Why the iPhone App store is far and away the best way to buy apps: safety and security.
9) Topless men at Delaware Beach cause civil rights stir. Yup. There's a catch! Will moobs (or as I like to call them "bobbletits") be next?