Friday, July 23, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The worst fears of BP and the EPA are about to be real.
2) Elizabeth Warren MUST. Be. Confirmed.
3) Facebook (owned by an Ayn Randian libertarian) must be part of the "librul meedja".
4) I don't understand the whole kiddie porn syndrome, but it seems to be a fairly thriving perversion.
5) I suppose they'll lob kim chee at us. Of course, they could nuke Japan.
6) David Beckham may have been a washout in America, but Thierry Henry seems a bit more focused on putting American soccer on the map.
7) There's a new Stonehenge. It's at Stonehenge.
8) Apple's strategy of infiltrating the home computer market by stealth seems to be working. All those iPods and iPhones and iPads are persuading people that Apple makes quality products and are worth the few extra bucks to own.
9) Look...Death Stars cost money and ever since Emperor Palpatine had to bail out the Intergalactic Banking Clan...
10) Wanna know what's wrong with America? Our current cultural ambassador is John McCain's next wife, Snooki.