Friday, August 06, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1)  Nuclear war  is 65 years old today. Please retire.
2) Of course, heartfelt congratulations go out to Elena Kagan, 112th Justice of the US Supreme Court.
3) It was a pretty good week for President Obama, almost by accident. Christina Romer, you may recall, was the moron who projected that we'd have unemployment peaking at 8% with the stimulus package, when we were practically at 8% already when the report was issued.
4) Whiny conservatives will stop at nothing to project an image of control. Truth will out, is all I'm going to say. Remember Prop 8?
5) Less than twenty percent of college age Americans are actually attending college. This article is ridiculous when that context is taken into consideration. Send your kids to college. Give them a leg up on life. What is it with conservatives that they'd deny their own children an education so they can have a few more bucks?
6) How stupid are conservatives? David Stockman, Reagan's point man for tax reduction and the cynical idiot who foisted the Laffer Curve on America, thinks taxes are and have been way too low!
7) We've turned a corner on Social Security. That's why it's gotten windy.
8) Today is National Root Beer Float Day. I was always more partial to Coke floats, myself and as a former ice cream slinger, I found floats to be pretty reprehensible to make, but dayum, they taste good!
9) Multiple car pileups. Snow. Fog. Forest fires. All have closed interstate highways in the US. Now add to the list "cheese".
10) I'm sorry to end this on a sad note: South Africa's last rhino has been slaughtered.