Friday, August 27, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Special TeeVee Viewing Edition
1) The single most important television program of the year is premiering tonight on Animal Planet at 11PM (re-run September 3 at 9PM): Blood Dolphins. A follow up to the Oscar-winning dodumentary The Cove, this program is proof that once is not enough: we have to keep at it to save the dolphins of Japan and by extension, the biosphere of that nation, the Pacific and ultimately, the world. I cannot urge you strongly enough to watch this, and then take action. Write, donate, stir up the pot. If you have friends in Japan, get them on board too. Most Japanese do not know that their schoolchildren eat whale and dolphin in their schools. Most Japanese are not aware of what goes into rounding up dolphins, not just for food but for amusement parks all over the world. Rick O'Barry does and soon, you will too.
2) MSNBC/NBC. All weekend, channels of the NBC network will commemorate the fifth anniversary of the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, including a special episode of Meet The Press on Sunday, hosted by Brian Williams. Williams has brought the NBC Nightly News to New Orleans no less than 30 times since Katrina.
3)  Want to understand how the financial collapse happened? Why there should be criminal prosecutions? Watch Plunder: The Crime of Our Time, by award-winning journalist, Danny Schechter, The News Dissector. LinkTV, 7PM, and if you don't get LinkTV, get on your cable company's back, or go out and get DISH Network or DirecTV now!
4) For comedy, turn on C-SPAN  Saturday starting at 10AM. Even Bill O'Reilly thinks this is a joke.
5) Turning now to the news...are we headed for another recession? It looks like it, but...the second and third quarters of any year are tough ones. It's really the fourth quarter that is the measure. People are scared. They're angry and they're worried about their jobs and their families. If by Christmas things haven't gone back in the tank, people will spend. Of course, if we had just bailed them out instead of the banksters...
6) A new iPod? A new online music service? A new iTunes? Maybe, just maybe, the issues with The Beatles have been resolved.
7) There are three, count 'em three, tropical disturbances in the Atlantic right now. Danielle has already blossomed into a hurricane, Earl is on his way, and Fiona is beginning to stir her pot. Earl looks like it will be major trouble for the East Coast.
8) If you missed it, you can make free phone calls from Gmail.