Friday, September 03, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The good news rollout by the Obama administration is beginning in earnest, and none too soon. When an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal agrees in substance with a tax hike on millionaires, you have a pretty good piece of PR.
2) Hawking may be right. He may not be. Who cares? There's evidence to support either contention, and I suspect the human mind is too limited to wrap itself around the truth of the matter.
3) Exhibit A for the existence of God: This Vancouver, WA know, the place it rains 367 days out of the year?... didn't own a pair of sunglasses, didn't even like wearing them, until she purchased a pair "on a whim" just 20 minutes before a crazed woman threw acid in her face, thus saving her eyesight, and possibly her life.
4) Possible terror attack in the Miami airport. A seventy year old man carrying four metal canisters in his luggage. Right wing claims of an "Ocotober Surprise" in
5) It's Labor Day weekend. Spare a moment to remember the men and women who made your life possible. The unions who fought to form, and then to obtain things we take for granted like overtime, vacation and sick days, disability insurance, coffee breaks, keeping our children in schools and out of the factories, 40 hour work week, fair wages, minimum wages, safety inspections, worker arbitration, dental and health insurances, job security, and so on. For this, they were beaten and killed, slandered and libeled, thrown into jail and beaten some more.
We've given a lot of things back out of fear of losing our jobs in tough economic times. We should look to our ancestors and remember the fight they put up for us, and honor that fight by fighting for what we had and more. It may be earnings to our employers, but these jobs are our lives. Loyalty works both ways.
6) Check her identity card! She can't speak English! Karma's a bitch, Governor Brewer.
7) Cuba. It looks like I won't have to sneak into Cuba under my European passport soon.
8) Someone could make a fair amount of money opening a Motel 6 on the Beijing-Mongolia highway.
9) BOOBIES! Um, "for a good cause," I mean.