Friday, September 10, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) You wonder: if Jesus Himself came down and told that idiot pastor down in Florida not to burn the Koran, would he finally say he won't? I suspect not. Look at all the publicity (and presumably money) he's getting.
2) Um...I thought this was happening already? It's news?
3) Justice delayed is justice denied. In other words, while it's not too little, it is way too late.
4) Glenn Beck, spnaked.
5) We have Mexicans. France has Roma. Same hate, different race.
6) Russia fears freedom.
7) If China can fix this, why can't we fix our relationship with Cuba?
8) Ikea tries the impossible.
9) Russ Meyer weeps. The before picture, if you're interested.
10) Finally, someone this week told me he'd believe in God if man started spontaneously regenerating limbs. Well, um, it happened.