Friday, November 12, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) President Obama gave nearly full support for Nancy Pelosi as minority leader yesterday. Expect bus tires marks up her back in

2) Jon Stewart was on Rachel Maddow last night, addressing some of the criticism of his Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear and the equivalence he "drew" between FOX and MSNBC. He made another plea for common sense and moderation in public discourse. Naturally, MSNBC couldn't just let it rest as a conversation between two equals. Note the graphics in Larry O'Donnell's show. Granted, Stewart used the boxing motif in his rebuttal on The Daily Show, but come on, guys, he's a comedian, you're news anchors!

3) Ever wonder where that quote I featured on the top of my sidebar comes from? Here ya go! It makes you want to cry with joy to hear a politician, as faux as the character was, stand up for being liberal.

4) Yesterday, I posted a screed railing against the extension of the Bush tax cuts. I really had two stories I could have written an extended piece about. The other was the rather ludicrous first draft of the deficit reduction commission Obama appointed. I didn't, because I figured Paul Krugman would have my back.

5) It has been nearly twenty years, but this generation's Mandela Moment is about to happen.

6) Karma's a bitch, Gov. Christie! Actually, Obama was sort of forced into this position. An additional train tunnel under the Hudson makes lots of sense, but Obama could not possibly be seen cooperating with Christie, a Teabagger favorite.

7) Either someone's not singing from the same hymnal, or that trial balloon Axelrod floated Wednesday dropped like a lead balloon. If so, I'm glad to have played a part.

8) To ask Obama to somehow salvage America's world image in the face of the absolute idiocy his citizens are pulling back at home was like asking the fog to stop a rabid panther.

9) I didn't realize pets had their own engineers and physicists!

10) The latest diet craze: Twinkies.