Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Face To Face

Well it didn't take long for some harsh realities to set in.

First, any group that hangs out 24/7 is going to have some weird interpersonal shit going on. One spouse dives, the other doesn't and on Bonaire, things get weird because there's really not much to do besides diving. Or snorkeling. Or swimming. Or lying in a chair sipping tropical drinks.

That's fine for a few days, but the wife in question has a little more active mind than that and she's frustrated. Her husband is keeping up with her as best as he can, but he's down here to complete a dive certification, and so he's kind of forced to get wet.

Me, I'm lucky. I just get to dive when I want, where I want and how I want. First dive yesterday was to a site called "Something Special" which is what its name implies. We didn't go deep, one of our group had equalization difficulties, and even so the dive delivered some amazing stuff, including yours truly getting both a manicure AND a teeny little moray eel bite at the same time.

See, cleaner shrimp will come out and trim your cuticles if you want long enough around the cleaning station. So I did, totally oblivious to the baby moray eeel sitting under the same coral head, and a little upset at the intrusion.

Oh well...wish I had my vidcam working but it's a little hard figuring out the angles and lighting under a coral head...

The dive included some beautiful Frecn Angelfish and a goby that kept popping up and spinning around like a dancer.

The second dive, later in the afternoon, saw me come face to face with two lionfish. This is not a good thing. They were within yards of each other, meaning they were probably from the same spawning event and had enough to eat. Lionfish usually do not like imposing on each other's territory.

Duly reported to the proper authorities, of course. I'll post videos when I return.

The Northeast is being hammered by a snowstorm as I write this. Sorry guys.