Friday, February 04, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Has Egypt seen more history than any other nation on this planet, except maybe China? I wonder how this ranks in its history?

2) PROGRESS! This is good news for the Obama re-election campaign as well as John McCain's presidential aspirations...

3) Tom Brokaw weighs in on Keith Olbermann.

4) Wal-Mart wants to open a store in New York City, which most sane people oppose. So you KNOW who leads the group that WANTS Wal-Mart...the Shrieking "NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO, IT DEGRADES NOO YAWK" Harpy herself...

5) I'm no Yankee fact, I hate the rat Republican bastards...but I have to tip my hat farewell to a class act, Andy Pettite. He's one of the few players who refused to lie when confronted with steroid allegations. Well, maybe "not lie" is not completely true, but he admitted to using them. That counts for something.

6) Iran to world: Ayatollah you so!

7) As if the Middle East and Africa was not enough...comes Southeast Asia.

8) Why the right wing in this country is flipping out over democracy in Egypt.

9) The Navy is pleased to announce it could not locate any enemy submarines in a field in Japan.

10) Finally, Facebook is seven today. See? Even they can't fix their own privacy settings.