Friday, February 25, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Not that I really care about celebritainment and what the latest gaffe is, but I have to admit, whatever drugs Charlie Sheen is on, I want. I've got a combination of tennis elbow and a neuralgia on my ulnar nerve that is making it near impossible for me to function. It sounds like his brand of crack might actually get me to put a suit and tie on.
2) Dear NY Times, thanks for noticing what the rest of the fucking country knew for years! Rich people corrupt morons. Film at eleven.
3) On that note, Gov. Walker? This is how you fucking do it, you bribed asshole. When your criminal corruption trial starts, I may buy tickets to the courtroom just to heckle you.
4) This is a fascinating review of what looks like an unintentionally fascinating book. Imagine a libertarian who implies that American capitalism is laziness writ large and that we can do better?
5) Unlike the ridiculous Bush era arrest of "terrorists" (like the crew that comically plotted to blow up the Sears Tower), this guy looks like he might have actually had the means and resources to carry out devastating attacks on Americans, especially New Yorkers and tourists here.
He paid attention: New York City is a vast city and there's too much going on to keep an eye on everything. Baby stroller bombs in Times Square hearken to the days of the embassy bomber, a man who rode around on a bicycle planting small incendiary devices in front of the British and Mexican embassies. He was never caught, despite the fact that at least two of the devices detonated, albeit with minimal damage and no fatalities.
It's even possible that Aldwasari was behind those dry runs, if that's what they were.
6) Pretty damned fascinating, if you ask me. No other animal, except humans, can do this.
7) Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious...
8) This is your face on crystal meth. BONUS POINTS: Find Dennis Miller.
9) Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...OK, I get its Canada, but really? Really? A 24 hour roast chicken channel?
10) Finally...and continuing on the food theme...for those times when you're really hungry but there's no breasts around.