Friday, March 04, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) This is GREAT news! Not only is the unemployment rate down, but this number includes a factor for discouraged workers who had left the job pool (which also drops the unemployment rate) but have now returned and are finding jobs! This means a real increase in jobs created, and that's taking into account all the governmental layoffs in January!
Kudos, Mr. Obama. Kudos.
2) Scott Walker: Terrorist. Start using that mantra.
3) Ummmmmmmmmmm, Okay....but by what? Trichonosis? This is one of those Zen koans that's going to backfire, yet someone was paid six figures to come up with it and make some bullshit excuse about why it will work. That's American business for ya!
4) There is a way to force this asshat to comply: Raise landing fees in Florida exponentially by dropping the FAA subsidies. If I was President, I'd do that.
5) Presumably someone piped in "Bowchickawowow" music while this afterschool special was on.
6) Mike Tyson races pigeons. No. Really.
7) If the Times is finally going to join the fray against FOX News, I may have to start subscribing in support. It would be nice ot have an actual object news source start to investigate the network. This could be the "Joseph Welch" moment of our age.
8) Bradley Manning: I seriously doubt the US will convict and execute him. Why create a martyr? Nothing that damaging was revealed and the blowback from the incident seems to be fairly contained. If anything, it may have helped spur the unrest in the Middle East.
10) Now hang on a cotton-picking minute! Nearly every civilized state, New York included, passed laws regulating the sale of OTC sinus and allergy medications years ago to control the production of meth in West Virginia. You mean to tell me you could buy the shit by the case in West Virginia this whole time????????