Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Won't Get My Hopes Up, But...

...this seems like a hint to me.
I've often wondered, and not seriously but you know, a back of the envelope calculation, if Obama should have decided he had only one term to serve and so get all the goodies out of the bag then.
Tack left and be willing to walk away from the job, in other words.
He walked into office with a double majority in Congress. Indeed, he was filibuster-proof in the Senate for a while. He could have grabbed Pelosi and Reid and said, "Look, there's no such thing as a permanent majority and recent history dictates that we will have shifting sands for the forseeable future. Let's do what we set out to do and at least break the ice on the stuff our supporters need from us."
Like I said, it wasn't a serious thought...