Friday, April 15, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Today is Tax Day.
Yes, I know, your Federal return is not due until Monday at midnight but every state return is due today, which is pretty silly since every state return relies on the Federal return and they cross-confirm numbers, but it is what it is.
2) one could have forseen this coming.
3) What is it with conservatives? They don't trust government, which is accountable to the people. They don't trust unions, which protect people from predatory businesses. Yet they'll trust corporations, whose primary motive in existence is to rape people's bank accounts to maximize profit?
4) Speaking of not trusting government, Oklahoma? You're fired! As long as we're at it, you too, Arizona! You're fired!
5) The rubber meets the road starting today. Obama's speech may have been the flag raising, but this is the first broadside.
6) A surefire way to attract a man..."Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, honey, you smell like bacon"....
7) Um, USPS? Ur doin' it rong.
8) At least this one will have books harder than "The Pet Goat."
9) So languages are more complex than we imagined...clearly, this guy tried studying Finnish and failed.
10) Show us the long form, Mrs. Palin!