Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Backpedaling, Governor?

I had an "Oh, oh!" moment Monday when Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature in New York announced they would create a GUB, a Grand Unified Bill that would cover all the outstanding issues facing the legislature prior to the end of its session (which was Monday. They are now in overtime.)
I'm still antsy, despite assurances in the media that same-sex marriage will be passed.
When a governor says he's "cautiously optimistic," you can bet your ass he's been twisting arms and grabbing short hairs but the bushel.
This, despite the fact that proponents of the measure have go to great lengths to write in assurances that no church will be forced to perform a same-sex marriage if it obviates their faith or teachings.
Which is only fair, in my opinion.
Meanwhile, if you live outside of New York, or even if you live here but were unaware of one of the main players in this story, I want to draw your attention to State Senator "Reverend" Ruben Diaz, Sr.
Disgraceful, hateful little man. One can only hope that whatever karma befalls him happens sooner rather than later.