Friday, June 03, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I wonder if he committed suicide?
2) Y'know, I sort of feel sad for John Edwards: he really had it all, almost. A devoted wife, a nice family, fame, fortune...and then I remember how many people he conned. I don't feel so sad.
3) More coming out about the Weinerhacker: he intended to slightly smear the Congressman by sending the penis photo to a porn star, not a college student. I'm still waiting for the en masse condemnation of Andrew Breitbart from the Republicans, in the manner of how Eric Cantor has taken potshots at Weiner. Given that Cantor's own closet* is not dust-free...
* not intended as a factual statement
4) Reason number 850,678,324 for banning guns: courts are better for handling divorces. 
5) Wudy is wunning. Again. Not the brightest bulb in the *9/11!* box, huh?
6) The May jobs report is staggeringly awful. Corporate America is sitting on some $2 trillion in cash reserves. You do the math.
7) Sony Networks hacked. This is not a repeat from last week. Or the week before. Or a month before that.
8) Your moment of Zen.
10) Finally, Dear Sony, Not all hacks are evil.