Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slightly Less Of A Loser

Howard Kurtz seems to think we should take a Michele Bachmann candidacy seriously.
In front of a largely partisan and admission-paying audience, Bachmann apparently "wowed" what was basically a hand-selected audience of party activists (i.e. Teabaggers) and made the biggest impression of any of the Dopey Dozen.
The obvious comparisons are made to Sarah Palin, of course, who does pale a bit by comparison.
I'm not convinced. I think she's sincere in running, but it's what she's running for that I think Kurtz misses. Bachmann cannot win the nomination of the GOP. That much is clear. She's a small dog in the elephantine money fight of Romney-Perry (especially if Palin throws her weight behind Perry, which I think she will.)
It's clear that Bachmann is not running for President.
But Senator from Minnesota? Against Al Franken?
Yea. I think that's probable.