Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DeMinty Fresh

Senator Jim DeMint is whistling past the graveyard here:

Don’t expect any resolution from this week’s debt ceiling talks between President Barack Obama and GOP leaders, Sen. Jim DeMint said Wednesday as he charged the White House with “creating a crisis.”

"Doh-de-doh-de-doh! Nope, no one's going to notice that I'm lying through my teeth, no sirree!"

If anything, the White House has done yeoman work to lay down a path that avoids a debt ceiling crisis, consistently ready to offer compromises so long as some form of...well, let's call it "revenue enhancement" like the Republicans on the table.

The headlines reflect this in Realityland, but apparently, in The Village, the elders have determined that the scary man in the Oval Office is holding the nation hostage. Attempts to paint Obama as the bad guy have fallen flat no their faces, right up to and including Mark Halperin's ad hominem attack last week.

Indeed, Obama has floated the interesting contingency plan of ignoring the debt ceiling based on a very clear passage in the Constitution that no limits on national debt may ever be placed (the 14th Amendment, for those of you playing along at home.)