Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kenneth Gladney Gets His Ass Kicked...Again

It looks like the days of right-wing gotcha journalism are numbered: First Rupert Murdoch is getting fitted for prison stripes and now the trial of two Mel Carnahan supporters accused of beating Kenneth Gladney has turned into an exoneration for the victims.

The jury deliberated about 40 minutes before returning with their verdict.

"They lost because they lied, it's as simple as that," said Molens after hearing the verdict. He said since the incident he has received death threats from Tea Party members, who had Gladney speak about the incident at Tea Party gatherings.

The truth about the incident?

McCowan and Molens, each at the meeting for the Service Employees International Union, claim Gladney was selling anti-Obama buttons, and that when they confronted him about them, Gladney started the physical attack by slapping McCowan's hands.

Molens testified that Gladney slapped McCowan's hands a second time, and that McCowan pushed him.

"Gladney started punching him in the face," Molens said. "I tried pulling him off."

The attack escalated with more punches and shoves, and McCowan suffered a fractured shoulder, he testified.

McCowan, a Baptist minister, got chuckles in the courtroom when he testified that he didn't turn the other cheek because it "hadn't gotten hit yet."

(emphasis added) It's not nice to fuck with a man of God, folks!