Friday, July 01, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Special Fourth of July Edition
1) Should we add a new freedom to the Founders' ideals? The freedom to stray?
2) A freedom like that still would not shield a douchebag like this. I'm certain that, while he'll get away with this one, karma will eventually win out here. Too, the fact that the justice system somehow believes the victim's behavior apart from either this incident or even allowing for the stretch to include her sexuality somehow matters is pointless. It's like saying "Well, he killed her by driving drunk but in his defense, she beats her kids."
3) A Fourth of July and your government is shut down. Interesting timing. The GOP will blink.
4) You know what? This scares me, a little. Zuckerberg has shown a rather...interesting...way of phrasing things and a distinct lack of interest in people's privacies.
5) Brand new photographs of the HMS Titanic have floated up.
6) But talk about scary...this story's lede paragraph will wet a few pants. Boiling barrels of plutonium and nuclear waste?
7) A lot of flack has been bandied about over Mark Halperin's use of the word "dick" in describing President Obama. He calculated his risk and gambled and lost. No biggie, in my book. When you check for the seven second delay, you're asking for trouble.
8) Really? His first name alone makes me want to see his long form birth certificate!
9) New York's endorsement of same-sex marriage has given President Obama cover to move a little to the left on the subject. I think this is closer to his personal feelings on the matter, which really should come down to "I don't care who you marry."
10) Finally, please take a moment this weekend to give a thought to what our nation is going through now and how our ancestors strived to overcome much worse i the past. This nation was born in the foundry of the steel or revolution, and time and time again, our resolve has been questioned and the answer to that question has always come from a partnership amongst all our people. We have our differences. Those can wait.