Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Both Embarassing And Funny

For those of you unblessed to live outside New York City, you do not get the opportunity to hear our esteemed alcalde Mike Bloomberg mangle Spanish.
To his credit, he's 69 and trying to learn the language. To his discredit, he's 69 and doesn't know he really sucks at it.
I mean, REALLY sucks. He knows he's not good, and I suppose he gets credit from the Hispanic community for trying, but...

It was there, on Saturday morning, that @ElBloombito was born. Hurricane Irene was bearing down on New York City, and Ms. Figueroa-Levin was chuckling about Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s heavy American accent and prolific mispronunciations when he delivered warnings in Spanish about the storm during a news conference the previous night.

So she took to Twitter, and began to type.

“Hola Newo Yorko! El stormo grande is mucho dangeroso!” she wrote. And then the Twitter messages began to flow — from the living room computer, from a laptop in her bedroom and from the iPhone she carries everywhere, having mastered the skill of typing on it with one hand while holding her daughter in her other arm.

“Fill los bathtub con agua por preparando el no agua,” read one post. “Los floodwaters!” exclaimed another.

Sadly, she's not exaggerating by half (only a little). He really does sound like Archie Bunker.

I mean it.