Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Torn By A Huntsman's Pack

Essentially, next February is either the end of John Huntsman or the flickering ember of an insurgency campaign.
He's hanging his hopes on the reasonable and rational folks in New Hampshire.
His best strategy for the primary is to forge a coalition of people who are terrified by the prospects of losing the general election with the nomination of either Rick Perry or Mickey Mouse, I mean, Bachmann and the anti-Mitt sentiment that runs strong in states that border Massachussetts, where Romney performed most of his "wolf in liberal clothing" antics.
He could conceivably place a strong second and become a factor at the convention. If he wins outright, it would make the race very interesting. See, I think he's the GOP best hope against Obama, after Mitt. Beating Mitt would send a loud message to the rest of the party at such an early date.
He has his work cut out for him to be sure. A strong second place automatically positions him at the top of the Veep short list as someone who can win moderate votes, crucial in the general election (remember how Palin effectively moved McCain to the right when he needed to move to the center.)
But....I doubt he has the sand to do it.