Friday, November 11, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But....

2) As well it should. Only five schools have ever gotten the NCAA death penalty, given for major felonies like accepting a slushee from a donor. Penn State ought to be six. LITTLE CHILDREN WERE RAPED!
3) Yes, the Occupy movement is just a bunch of lazy stoned hippies who don't want to work. Sure
4) Elitist New Yorker is elitist. 
5) I disagree with this sentence, but not the verdict. She killed her husband, but she also suffered two decades of physical abuse and finally snapped. Five years in jail for this incident is way too harsh. Five years in-house imprisonment sounds fairer.
6) It's a start. It's watered down and barely adequate, but it's a start.
7) On this Veteran's Day, we ought to start respecting our fighting men and women. Dontcha think?
8) Jim Romenesko resigning from Poynter is like Santa Claus resigning from Christmas. BRING HIM BACK! Over a quotation mark? Really????
9) Egypt needs a sense of humour.
10) Attention Rdenecks! Wear a condom...