Thursday, December 01, 2011


TO: Fathead Newt Gingrich
FROM: Actor212
SUBJECT: Reponsibility
I quote you:

Gingrich tells about 500 insurance company employees at their Des Moines headquarters that they have responsibilities to their community and to their neighborhood, and “we’re all going to have to roll up our sleeves and be a little bit more responsible in the next 30 years.”

1) After 9-11, when President Bush told Americans to just relax and go shopping, we did.

2) When President Bush told us America was an ownership society, we took him seriously, went out and bought houses.

Why do you think we're in the mess we're all in, but we were being responsible according to the leader of YOUR OWN PARTY.

By the way, how many times you been divorced? Were you being responsible while Callista was suckign your dick in your office?