Monday, December 19, 2011

The Return Of The Bushes

In the Soviet Union, as factions of the Socialist party waxed and waned in influence, often a name leader would be scrubbed from the national dialogue, only to undergo a slow process of rehabilitation, recognition and recreditation.
I often wonder when he'd get around to poking his head up from behind the barricades. I've also often wondered how many nights over the past decade, he's wandered around his mansion screaming at the walls "IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!"
I don't expect Jeb to jump into the Presidential fray this year. The deadline for the primaries is well-past and write-in candidacies almost always require the long term application of excitement. Jeb Bush is about as exciting as old people porn.
And while it does seem like a brokered convention is inevitable and Bush could jump in then, President Obama's already paved-in-gold road to re-election would become a soft downhill glide. The name Bush is inextricably linked with the current economic malaise. He'd be toast.
But, 2016? That's a possibility. It may also be his calculation.