Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Asshole Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Local news anchor Greg Kelly has been accused of rape. Normally, I don't get into this kind of local story on a blog with an international audience-- admittedly, mostly located in the US-- but there are some interesting details to be parsed.
Greg Kelly works for the local FOX affiliate's morning show, Good Day, New York. He is probably the sleasiest, smarmiest local news anchor in NYC. His rapport with his co-anchor, Roseanne Scotto, can be best illuminated in this way: When Scotto wants to highlight her other talent, cooking, she brings her family to another network's morning show.
Ironic, right? FOX, sleaze, rape. Sounds like a Bill O'Reilly in training. Even the promos for the show feature his not-so-subtle comments about Scotto's breasts and innuendo that would make a hooker blanch.
Mind you, this is the same station where the infamous Ernie Anastos "Keep fucking that chicken" moment took place.
It gets better. Apparently, insensitivity runs in the family. You see, Greg is son of current NYPD commissioner, and (well, formerly) potential mayoral candidate, Ray Kelly.
He won't be receiving a whole lot of assistance from his dad, tho. You see, Ray Kelly has his own hot water to try to extricate himself from. He appears in a really offensive video featuring some really inflammatory portrayals of and information about Muslims in the city.
He appears voluntarily. Kelly explains it away by saying that he believed the video was being made as a good faith effort to inform officers involved in counter-terrorism training. The jist of the film is that Muslims are engaged in a full-on jihad to dominate the world.
Keep fucking that chicken, Ray.