Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interesting Timing

While I can certainly applaud President Obama's decision to halt the Keystone pipeline, there's an interesting dynamic in play here.
The deal he struck with Republicans allowed him until Feb. 21, 2012 to block development. If he said no anytime prior to that date, the pipeline is stopped. If he says nothing, the pipeline goes forward.
He had five more weeks. What does he have in plan here that made him get off the pot early?
After all, he hasn't killed the deal. He asked for a delay while the State Department...yea, cuz, you know, Canada...explored alternative routes (none of which have been even hinted at, much less proposed) that would avoid environmentally sensitive areas of North Dakota.
By the way, ignore the bloated bloviator behind the curtain, yapping about China having freer access to the oil now. That's a sham argument.