Friday, April 27, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) So the House of Representatives, in a firmly bipartisan vote, have decided that your ISP should be a cop.
I'm thinking the lessons of Trayvon Martin are lost on politicians: placing the liberties of American citizens in private hands is a sure-fire, slam-dunk, can't-miss recipe for disaster. Ladies, shut your webcams off, in other words.
2) Speaking of the Trayvon Martin murder, it turns out that any douchebag with a website can raise $200,000 for a felony. Yet, I want to fund the lifestyle to which I will become accustomed and get nothing...
3) If Mitt Romney is smart, he'll stay far away from Saturday Night Live. My suspicion is, Ann said this because her private pleas have fallen on deaf ears. You're going to lose the election anyway, Mitt. No sense embarrassing yourself further.
4) There are precious few things a bona fide New Yorker will stop and stare at. This will be one of them.
5) One of the greats, Pete Fornatale, died yesterday. He had DJ'd on New York radio in six decades, and was one of the pioneers of the free-form radio format (you kids, you'd never understand. Imagine your friend making a mix tape of random songs from his collection, including his parents' albums and stuff he found at garage sales.) Fornatale hearkened back to an era when radio was about the music, and not about selling the music. And then the suits came, and washed all the great away.
6) Welp! So much for making a "coffee run" to Amsterdam!
7) Absolutely. This shouldn't even be in question.
8) Wait. You mean he HAD a soul?
9) Six ways you, too, can find fame in America. Repeat after me: "Governor Romney, is it true your wife blows goats? Not insinuating. Just asking. Still waiting for an answer."
10) Here's the problem with a political video like this: The rebuttal is simple. "Yes, I would have."