Friday, May 04, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

I have a mild irritation today that sits about four feet outside my boss's office, so lets get to this, shall we?
1) Ring down the curtain on a long and storied career, Mariano. Sadly, he's a first ballot Hall of Famer in my mind but the thing is, the position he "plays" is practically unnecessary in major league baseball. The closer, the final reliever to come in with a lead, is a specialty that it's about time we acknowledge really does nothing to improve the team's chances of winning a game: the major league average for teams with a lead of three or fewer runs going into the final at-bats of the opposing team is a winning percentage just north of 95%. This is true of champions and basement dwellers. If you win 100 games a season, that means 95 of them were pretty much ordained from the get-go. Ninety five wins is usually good enough for the post-season and if you miss it, you could probably point to any number of games where you should have won but didn't because of an error or a poorly executed at-bat. I figure Mariano Rivera might have been worth 20 wins total over his career, including playoffs.
2) Angry Republicans with guns. Not a good thing.
3) The headline says it better than I can.
4) That was a pretty loud Scream.
5) It seems pretty clear to me that Osama bin Laden suffered from a disturbing level of paranoia and schizophrenia, but he was awfully savvy in the ways of politics and diplomacy.
6) If it gets below 8% by November, I think we can seal Obama's second term.
7) When history has its say on the 2012 election, this was Mitt's Eagleton moment
8) By the way, I think this reboot of Sherlock Holmes is some of the finest television this century.
10) The other white meat some people.