Friday, May 11, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase Bank channels Matt Drudge, ends up with a lot of egg on his face. Seriously....$2 billion? In a fund designed to mitigate risk?
3) In case anyone is still of the belief that Barack Obama's "change of heart" wasn't calculated, instead of spontaneous, needs to read this. That this story of Mitt Romney as a teenage thug came out in the aftermath is absolutely not a surprise to me, given his complete disregard for the tens of thousands of American workers he and Bain Capital put out of work because they were "weak links."
Still, I think this may be a bit early to roll out such a sensational story.
Unless there's more-- and worse-- to come.
4) The Obama re-election strategy seems pretty clear, however: energize the youth vote (student loan remedies, gay marriage and gay bashings by Republicans, and the early warning shots about income inequality,) then rely on their energy to persuade their parents and siblings and independent voters-- who were primed with the modest seasoning of the bin Laden victory lap.
You can win an election one of two ways: you can try to pick the carcass of the two or three percent independent voters or you can plump up your base while frustrating and discouraging the other guy's base. The more successful strategy this year, with a weak opponent like Romney, seems to be triggering your own base.
5) I know this is a routine filing, but it looks as though there may be a strong case to be made for dismissal of the charges against John Edwards. I haven't followed the trial that closely, but it sounds like the lynchpin testimony, that he solicited personal gifts to cover his mistakes and not campaing contributions, is fuzzy enough to warrant dismissal.
6) The dude made a billion bucks in his pajamas. Shut up.
7) Hillary in 2016? I doubt it, and she and the Big Dog seem pretty set in this decision, but never say never. Look for her to try to make a big splash in the second Obama administration (whether she remains at State or leaves,) and if that happens, then she's pondering her chances.
8) Up next on the terror watch list: Al J. Fred.
9) Game Over. We tilted the machine.
Happy Mother's Day, all!