Friday, June 29, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) It's morning in America. All across the land, wingnuts are waking up and rising up as one, shouting, "I will never vote to re-elect Chief Justice Roberts again!" (link is to You've been warned.)
2) Appropriately enough, President Obama's home state of Illinois is moving fast to be the first state to the trough.
3) You keep dreaming there, snookums...
4) The other big development of the day, the contempt citation of Eric Holder by Congress, will likely also end up in the courts, and also end up with the GOP sucking egg-goop off their faces.
5) Now that Obama has prevailed on the signature issue of his first term, watch Republicans work overtime to find another issue to pin on him. Maybe they can blame him for the widlfires in Colorado? It wouldn't surprise me, he's become something of a demigod to them.
6) Interesting. Republicans have suddenly discovered Big Government, at least when it comes to Asian carp invading the Great Lakes. Ironically, environmentalists have a solution, but no one will listen because it doesn't cost enough and would require actual physical labor to implement. You know, jobs!
8) Yesterday, I wrote about the crisis in Syria. Russia has backdoored a signal.
9) Google released a really cool new app this week: Google Glass, wireless HD video goggles that you can connect directly to a Google+ Hangout and broadcast. This might end up being a Facebook killer.
10) Errr, the phrase is "To boldly go where no one has gone before," Bill, not "show"...