Friday, September 21, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Fear not, America. We Noo Yawkahs know how to deal with this problem. I'll see if I can post the best graffiti as they appear. Pam Gellar will likely wish she had just kept her mouth shut.
2) I'd have to call last night's Massachussetts Senate debate a draw, although Elizabeth Warren more than handled Senator Scott Brown's demeaning comments and scored quite a few points about his hypocrisies.
3) No wonder Mitt's kissing up to the wealthy.
4) Meanwhile, Ann Romney is trying to get people to quit picking on Mitt, you guys! When you run a crappy campaign, madam, you may expect crap to be flung at you.
5) Audience to Matt Lauer: Q you!
6) Republicans want to make this problem even worse.
7) Spain is open for business again, which is good news for the European Union.
8) MEMO To Tim Kaine: In answering debate questions, quit while you're ahead.
9) Thinking about travelling to Cuba? Here's a nice little story of what you might encounter.