Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Twisting Knickers

It's kind of funny that, after nearly a week, Democrats and fans of the President are still flapping wings and gums over how lackluster President Obama's performance was at last week's debate, even getting all flustered over a debate "win" by Mittens.
Romney saw a two-point bounce. ALL CHALLENGERS see at least a two point bounce after the first debate. That Mitt only saw a two point bounce should be taken as nothing but encouraging news.
Why at least a two point bounce? Because up until last week, you'd never seen both the President and the challenger on the same stage. By allowing himself to be seen with a peon like Romney, Obama graciously gifted him a bounce. It showed that Obama took Romney's challenge seriously-- altho obviously not seriously enough to challenge him more harshly. Which might be the point.
By contrast, not only did John Kerry see a much bigger bounce, Kerry bounced up into the lead by nearly eight points after the first debate in 2004, the last time a challenger has debated a sitting President.
I'm sure former President Kerry is smiling about this foo-foraw. In fact, if I was the good Senator, I would have come out on Thursday or Friday and reminded people of this fact and that Barack Obama is still in command in the race, and that it's more vital than ever to make sure every Democrat gets out and votes and gets out the vote.
Here's the thing: by engaging Romney on even his most ludicrous statements like the 47% comment, Barack Obama is seen as threatened by Romney's candidacy. He shouldn't be, even if he feels he might stand some small chance of losing to this chump.
Go watch the debate again, only this time, look only at the candidate who is NOT speaking. Now tell me who won the debate. Obama is respectful and patient with Romney, yet you can see his disdain and anger at the blatant lies Romney is telling.
Meanwhile, Romney is chomping at the bit like a wounded puppy trying to take a bite out of the squirrel that tricked him under the falling acorn.
Tell me again, who won? Who won a debate where the major talking point was killing a highly popular children's television icon? Who won a debate where the other major talking point is how badly the other guy lied to score cheap points?
Now, unknot your knickers and go pick up a phone and start making this thing a slam dunk again.