Friday, November 16, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Well, it's been an interesting week, what with the Gaza buildup to war distracting us all from the national shame of one man dipping his quill in another man's inkwell, against the backdrop of closed door hearings on the Benghazi incident. I have no doubt that Senator John McCain will find time to miss the hearings in order to launch yet another "old man rant" against the President and pick on poor little Susan Rice.
3) The recent incident involving Savita Halappanavar who died from a miscarriage while trying to secure an abortion, has India and Ireland at odds. I hope they can see I to I soon.
4) Preliminary reports would indicate that driver error is to blame in the tragic crash of a float carrying military veterans in Texas with a freight train.
6) Got time to kill, and Google Chrome? Here.
7) This is called "Doing the right thing" for your people. Think any Republican would dare, if we had this system?
8) Does this mean, because corporations are people, too, that BP will serve jail time? Maybe the SCOTUS needs to step in an give us guidelines? How about banning BP from the States for a year or two? Will that suffice?
10) Finally, please support Wal-Mart workers this Friday by boycotting the annual Black Friday tradition. Instead, shop a local small business on Saturday (yes, it's sponsored by Amex but you don't need to use an Amex card and there's nothing wrong with a big company doing some good).