Friday, November 30, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Wow. George Zimmerman, the man who murdered Trayvon Martin earlier this year -- sadly, not the last or even worst case of "Stand Your Ground" this year -- really is full of himself, thinking that people would pay good money for this.
2) Gay marriage will be up for discussion by SCOTUS today, as a prelude to a possible inclusion on the docket this year. You may remember the reprehensible "Prop 8" that California passed but that was overturned in the appelate court. Well, some whiny little men decided to be all butthurt about it and go running to the skirts of the SCOTUS. It's hard to say for sure which way the decision will go, so I'm going to go out on a limb here, way out: 7-2, upholding the appelate decision, with Scalia and his showertoy Clarence Thomas dissenting. While there's a strong anti-affirmative action sentiment on the Court, they have to consider that Prop 8 selects out people for particular basic human rights, but does not grant them additional rights as a make up.
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3) You may have read about the police officer who bought the homeless man a pair of boots after finding him on the street barefoot in freezing weather. He's surprised by all the attention. As a New Yorker, it's incumbent on me to point out that most cops I've ever met, whether in anger or in a bar, are more like this guy than the pepper-spray morons. They like their jobs. They want to help. And I will bet you solid coin this is neither the first time he's bought someone something out of his own pocket -- even if it's just a cup of coffee or a sandwich -- nor is he the first cop to buy a pair of shoes for someone. For my part, I'm glad this is getting the kind of attention it is, and that people are responding so warmly to it.
4) President Obama served white meat turkey chili to Mitt Romney yesterday. I suppose this means that Mormons are cannibals?
5) And he should. This is the audience that matters. Not the Laughing Turtle.
6) First, Wal-Mart. Now, McDonald's. Unions now. Unions forever.
7) Science Triumphs This Week:
8) I'm thinking the coroner's report probably cracked a few people up.
9) All Al Gore got was a stupid medal, because fat.
10) Finally, The Ten Most Embarassing Addresses in America. Mitt Romney's car elevator not listed.