Friday, December 14, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) By now, you've either heard, seen, or read about the foofarall involving Steve Crowder and some union members in Lansing, MI, at a protest against the latest rape of the middle class. Crowder claims he was "beaten by a mob," his words.
Well, the video and facts suggest otherwise. The bits edited out by Crowder but not by FOX News editors, of all people, show the man who "attacked" Crowder had been shoved to the ground, presumably by Crowder, a purported MMA fighter, who himself is stumbling back as if he had just broken a wrestlign hold forcefully (my observation from years of bar fights.)
It's so bad for Crowder that even the local police have serious questions about his veracity.
Indeed, if anything, it looks like Crowder attempted to intervene in an attempt at another right-wing thug, and got whaled on for that. Again, having been in the middle of a few of those myself, I can tell you that to get into someone else's fight, no matter how benign the intent, means you risk being perceived as chooising a side. In Crowder's case, it's established who's side he's on already, so stepping in was tantamount to ganging up on the union guy.
So it's no wonder a crowd descended on, pardon the pun...and beat the snot out of him.
As to his threat on Hannity....tell you what, Steve. I'll take the guy's place, if you'll permit it. You can bring Sean too. I hope you both have Obamacare, though.
3) What happened to Susan Rice shouldn't have happened at all. I'm not sure who instigated the withdrawal from consideration, but if I was Obama, I'd have fought tooth and nail. You are the President, sir, and therefore entitled to choose your own advisors as you see fit. Why do you forget that? Is it part of some grand "fiscal cliff" strategy?
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5) We took care of the last batch, we'll take care of this one, too.
6) Conservatives were right: Obama was re-elected, and gas prices skyrocketed. Also, it's Opposite Day.
7) Gee....what a shock.
8) Wow. Who knew Mandy Patinkin was so smart?
9) A really good analysis of the decline of unions in America, and why they should come back.
10) Oh, Huffington Post...when did you become Maxim Mag-- you stopped reading this already, didn't you?