Friday, January 25, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Wisdom comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from experience. Experience comes from getting out in diverse situations and learning new things. So, Bobby? If you're concerned that your party is in danger of becoming the party of the stoopid, take a look around. When you have the single most diverse name in the party and even THAT'S Americanized from Piyush, you're in deep shit, buddy.

2) You get the sense that even China is growing weary of the Team America clownishness of the Kim regime. It's one thing to develop nukes, it's another thing to rattle your sabre when your scabbard is empty, and antagonize people, particularly when your main ally is already in hot water with an ally of the US.

3) You might recall that a few years ago, two groups of scientists voluntarily stopped working on weaponizing the avian H1N1 flu virus after a worldwide outcry, and opted to wait until security measures could be put into place. Well, they've started up again. Not that the bird flu needed much help, apparently.

4) And more in health news: the norovirus.

5) The least surprising news of the week.

6) Harry Reid screwed us. No other way to put it. Yes, he reformed the filibuster and yes, it will be a little harder to filibuster, but...

8) Here's a twist: the Catholic Church is in a position to argue that foetuses are not people.

9) JJ Abrams, the same guy who brought us such stellar films as Cloverfield and Armageddon will direct the seventh installment in the Star Wars nonology. For Disney, who bought the rights from George Lucas last year. Expect to see furry forest creatures eighty feet tall lobbing planet destroying asteroids. And I thought Hayden Christensen destroyed the franchise.

10) Oh, Florida. Where would Nobody Asked Me, But... be without you?