Friday, February 22, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Next week should be a pretty busy week for bloggers. First, we have the sequester deadline looming, and then we have a Pope resigning. Both stories are shrouded in mystery. Both stories will end up being non-stories, in my opinion.
2) The obesity crisis in America has taken an interesting and positive turn. People seem to be eating healthier and getting fewer calories, particularly from junk food.
This interests me because of a recent health issue that popped up in my life, forcing me to effectively become vegan, at least for a little while. Also, to give up alcohol. The pain I suffered was more than sufficient warning. God usually lets you know ahead of time if he's about to smite you. It's up to you to listen to the warning.
3) Apparently, Drew Peterson is a two-time scumbag. And oh by the way, priest-pentitent privilege is not sacrosanct when a capital crime has been committed. The priest can't be forced to reveal what he has heard, but he's damn well under no legal obligation to keep his silence.
4) There was a bombing that killed 16 people in Hyderabad. Speculation is that Indian Mujahideen are responsible.
5) Contrast Rush Douchebag's comment with Michelle Obama's comment of a few years back. Let's see how rightwing talkers handle this.
6) Apparently, science has solved every other pressing matter.
7) Florida. *shakes head slowly*
8) May the Unforce be with you. This will rock science to its very foundations.
9) Mutant goldfish. All we need now is for it to be a zombie, and every American International movie from the 60s will come to life.
10) I'm tired of these motherfucking mice on this motherfucking plane! (with snakes on a plane goodness thrown in as a bonus!)