Friday, May 03, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1)  Unemployment dropped to 7.5%. You’ll hear a lot of blathering about people out of the workforce and so on, and that’s true, the real number is higher, but even that figure has dropped and even faster than the official rate.

2) The NRA and Gun Owners of America have grossly underestimated the amount of anger the nation feels towards them. They’re about to get what Mitt Romney and the Republicans got last year: a very nasty, painful awakening. By the way, Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords husband, needs to go one step further and join me in calling the NRA a terrorist organization.

3) The US is between Iraq and a hard place on Syria: nobody wants a military intervention, nobody wants to arm the rebel factions to beat Assad, and nobody wants to do nothing. It’s time for Putin to step up and disown this morass.

4) How well have we fought the “war on terror”? We’re putting 35 year fugitives on the FBIs Most Wanted list.

5) No matter what the crisis, there’s always a douchebag or two running around.

6) Boomers are offing themselves at an alarming rate. Refer to item 1 for the reason. BTW, suicide is not painless. Note that firearms accounted for a plurality of suicides. If you’re having thoughts of suicide, please seek help now. Hell, e-mail me. I’m a sympathetic listener and a really smart guy. If I can’t help, I’ll get you to someone who can.

7) I knew the number was high, but I never imagined it was this high.

8) Dusty world of red

     A mote in God’s eye, for war

    Faraway poetry

9) This ought to set tongues wagging (Possibly NSFW)

10) I think the world could have given this a miss.