Friday, August 23, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Does anyone know where I can obtain a gift subscription to Go Fuck Yourself Quarterly? Asking for a friend.

2) Batfleck? Really? Did no one pay attention to the box office numbers for Daredevil?

3) I’m conflicted over the revelations surrounding Chelsea (Bradley) Manning. On the one hand, I support her right to live her life as she chooses, no matter how icky I may personally view her choices. On the other hand, given the serious nature of the revelations she made as Bradley, this distracts from a very serious, very important story, and diminishes the media’s already miniscule coverage.

4) It seems like the entire western United States caught fire while I was gone. What have you people been doing?!?!?!?!

5) The problem with drawing lines in the sand is that sometimes, people step over them.

6) In other Syria-related news, it looks like Israel is either being pro-active or opportunistic. You decide.

7) I’m worried about where this is all headed in the Middle East.

8) The NASDAQ was shut down for three hours yesterday, apparently due to a glitch in the system software running the trading computers. “Ghosts in the Machine,” indeed…

9) Begun, the Derp Wars have.

10) Oh, Florida, you never fail to amuse.