Friday, August 30, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) So the UK turned down quasi-unilateral action in Syria with the US. Surprisingly, France is on board.

2) CIA is the largest spy agency in the United States, says Edward Snowden. In a related story, he tells us Alaska is the biggest state, NY the largest city, and Snowden, the largest front-running has-been idiot.

3) At the risk of pissing someone off, PUSSY RIOT!

4) Muslim country determines Al-Jazeera is the enemy. Wait, what???

5)       The door was open and the house was dark
Wherefore I called his name, although I knew
The answer this time would be silence

6) I would do a summary of this article, but I couldn’t finish it.

7) The IRS: “I now pronounce you ‘ball and chain’.”

8) I was proud to see young people stand up for themselves. I hope it makes a difference.

9) Not news, according to the US media. His estranged wife? News.

10) Finally, you know how ice is melting a little faster than anticipated? I bet it’s worse than even we’ve seen so far, and worse

than we can even fear (read the articles through, in order, to understand my point.)