Friday, September 20, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The Benghazi "scandal" is like a case of herpes on a drunken sailor: Darrell Issa, the drunken sailor in question, wants to unload it on everyone at any time. Nevermind that every one, and I do mean every one, else has determined there was no wrongdoing involved.

2) The GOP has become like Dennis Moore of the old Monty Python show: Steal from the poor and give to the richstupid bitch

3) OK, this is nauseating.

4) I see a mass killing in Pennsylvania's future.

5) As we prepare to reflect on the first anniversary of Superstorm Sandy in the NY area, it might behoove us to take a moment and reflect that things could have been worse. Much worse. The damage from the 1938 Long Island Express was more costly in real dollars, nevermind adjusting for inflation or population shifts, than Sandy.

6) A new species of lizard was found yesterday….in the jungles of Los Angeles Airport.

7) And now in bad news for cryptozoology…

8) And more news in cryptids.

9) And now, olds in cultural distortion field

10) Today is day 262 of 2013. In 252 of those, a gunman has killed four or more people. Ban. Guns. Now.