Friday, October 04, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The tragedy in Washington DC is obviously a big topic to ponder this morning. So many questions: Were the cops justified in shooting a mom with a baby in the backseat? (I think yes, but I can be persuaded.) Why did she crack? What pushed her over the edge?
The irony, though, is that DC is shut down over a healthcare package that, had it been in place years ago, may have encouraged her to seek the kind of treatment that may have prevented this tragedy.

2) Also, my thoughts are with her family, especially her daughter.

3) Speaking of the shutdown, please notice that FEMA is recalling a boatload of furloughed workers in anticipation of Hurricane Karen hitting the very states that most staunchly support the shutdown. I wish I wasn’t such a forgiving Christian, so I could say let ‘em drown. But then, that’s what those bastards are relying on.

4) Imagine if a busload of Mexicans were horribly killed trying to sneak across the border. Do you think America would have a day of mourning? This is what civilization looks like.

5) She’s laced up her pink sneakers! Run, Wendy, run! Somewhere, Ann Richards and Molly Ivins are smiling in heaven.

6) Ever wonder what “Siri” looks like?

7) Comet ISON is still on track for a spectacular year-end show.

8) Finally, a commute I can handle and enjoy.

9) Mike Bloomberg, destroyer of cities.