Friday, December 13, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) House Republicans (!) have brokered a bi-partisan budget deal proposed by Paul Ryan (!!).

2) In related news, John Boehner has put down the scotch and started drinking Everclear. I guess this sort of makes moderate Republicans and the rest of the American people Boehner's trophy wife, now that the Teabaggers have slipped into self-parody.

3) The Speaker's race year ought to be a boozy. I mean, doozy.

4) OhthankGod…

5) As nauseating and reprehensible as I find the man in general, Mayor Mike Bloomberg has done some really good things for the people of New York, particularly the rich and middle class white folks. But this fight, I think, transcends his legacy to be one of the best things he took up for all of us.

6) ♪ You better not shit, you better not pee, better not spit, I'm telling you why, SantaCon is coming to town. ♫

7) "Shaken, not stirred," for a reason.

8) NOTE to South Africa: the mimed blow job might have been a tell.

9) This was a term I hoped would never make the leap from perjorative to legal defense.

10) Speaking of "Affluenza," the party guests AND the owner of this mansion both seem to have terminal cases.