Friday, January 03, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Just remember: Before we invaded Iraq, there was no Al Qaeda

2) When my friends ask me why I’m not alarmed by the NSA scandals, it’s mostly because of stuff like this that I realize it’s a lost cause.

3) It hasn’t been Snowmageddon, but it’s been pretty impressive.

4) Of course, Kerry pretty much has to say this, doesn’t he?

5) Tim Tebow for governor? You heard it hear first.

6) So how dangerous is it to text and drive? This dangerous.

7) Get high without the high? But seriously, why would you bother?

8) Breaking news: Dogs suffer from OCD.

9) Guess we’ll have ol’ Toronto mayor Rob Ford to kick around for a while longer.

10) You think this is maybe why he ruled in favor of the ACA?