Friday, May 23, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) He’s President of the U-fucking-nited States, you fascist asshole! FOX News and the right wing traitors ought to be hung along I-95 for how they’ve harmed the stature of our country.

2) Speaking of the right wing, it does me good knowing they may be forced to lick a gay man’s backside in perpetuity.

3) MEMO to Pam Geller: Why do you Zionists hate Christians so?

4) The final battle in the war on pot may happen in….California?

5) This week in CEOs On The Hot Seat: McDonalds

6) How about “He’s old and he just sucks now”? Personally, I think they ought to beg Eddie Johnson to come back.

7) Speaking of the World Cup, Brazilians seem to be taking to the street over the rather large bite in the ass their country is being asked to endure.

8) Hey, maybe if they spent that money on VA hospitals instead of weapons systems the Pentagon doesn’t even fucking want anymore, everyone would be happy!

9) …but it stains your dentures.

10) Finally….have you ever wondered what The Lord of the Rings was really about? World War I? II? The rise of the Soviet Union? Well…I’ve got something for you to listen  to…