Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Fundraising Appeal


No. Not for me. For two very worthy progressive media outlets that have limited access to the public, but which deserve wider exposure.

I'm talking about Free Speech TV, and Link TV.

Only available on satellite (and Free Speech TV is only available on Dish Network), these two channels offer a wealth of programming and news coverage you will not find anyplace else. Not Fox, not the Big Three, hell, not even PBS. The truth, in all its glory and pain.

Go check out their websites. If you have the Dish Network, check out their channels (9415, and 9410, respectively).

If you don't have Dish, stop giving your money to the global fascist hegemonists like Time Warner, Comcast, and (HEAVEN FORFEND!) Rupert Murdoch's DirectTV, who fund illegal wars and then mock your intelligence with crap like "American Idol", and ORDER DISH NOW! It's a good company, and it's run by good people.

Videoblog Here