Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Vote Raising Appeal

UPDATE!!!!! Simply Left Behind continues it's remarkable string of managing election victories for its clients!

There's an apocryphal story regarding one of my childhood heroes (and neighbor) Soupy Sales, that among the reasons he was fired from his children's television show was that he managed to scam a few thousand dollars off his audience by telling the kids watching to "go into your mommy and daddy's wallets, and send those nice green pieces of paper to Soupy Sales at..."

I don't know how true that is (his rat-bastard elitist daughter wouldn't deign to hang out with us "street kids"...), but I thought I'd take a shot at the MO:
Boys and girls, do you know what a vote is?

Well, one of my regular readers, and good friends, Simon Waugh is a finalist in a contest over at World O' Crap: "Write Like A Wingnut".

Now, I want you to click on the link above attached to "World O' Crap"...don't be afraid, it won't have any porn...and go and register your vote for Simon Waugh. "Simon" will suffice, "Mr. Waugh" is even better since it will show what a big polite boy/girl you are.
Get it? Got it? Good. Go. Now.

And NO, this is NOT my big announcement!