Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where Have You Gone, Katie Couric?

Yea, I know, fifteen years' Today Show host, saying goodbye this morning, yadayadayada...

Katie Couric disappeared years ago, folks, only she was too stupid and per-kee to notice.

This is the Katie Couric I want to remember:
Dole, in an combative interview with NBC's Today co-host Katie Couric, grew testy when pressed about his comments last month questioning whether tobacco use was any more dangerous than drinking alcohol or milk.

Dole's initial comments drew criticism from Koop, a physician, who said Dole "either exposed his abysmal lack of knowledge of nicotine addiction or his blind support of the tobacco industry."

Couric, in an interview taped Sunday but broadcast Tuesday, asked Dole about Koop's statement. Dole said Koop supported his campaign for president.

But he said of Koop, "You know, he watches the liberal media and he probably got carried away."

"He's brainwashed?" Couric asked.

"Probably, a little bit," Dole said.

[...]Dole accused the NBC network and the New York Times of taking the Democrats' side on the issue.

"I'm not in their (tobacco industry's) pockets. My view is as I've said time and time again ... the liberal media crosses that out and goes right back to the Democratic line,"Dole said.

"You can't respond, because the media's already made up their mind. I've said I don't know whether it's addictive. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a scientist," Dole said.

Dole sought to deflect the criticism by contending the use of marijuana has doubled since Clinton took office. "I don't see Al Gore or President Clinton talking about that," he said, accusing the administration of dismantling the anti-drug agency.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the tobacco industry contributed $2.3 million to the Republican Party and $423,962 to the Democratic Party in 1995. The contributions are so-called "soft money" and are not subject to limits on the amount of donations. Individual industry employees contributed $34,750 to Dole and $4,000 to Clinton in 1995 through March 1996. Industry political action companies contributed $23,500 to Dole in the same time period. Clinton's campaign does not accept PAC contributions.

Dole entered the tobacco fray last month when he said, "We know it's not good for kids but a lot of other things aren't good. Drinking's not good. Some would say milk's not good." After Koop criticized Dole, the GOP contender sent him a letter last week, again saying of tobacco "for some people it is addictive, and for others it may not be."
That Katie Couric disappeared, probably with Lacy Peterson, certainly with Natalee Holloway.

Maybe moving to CBS, she'll regrow some stones, but given CBS' corporate "destoning" policy handed down from Sumner Redstone, I wouldn't bet on it.